Custom Side Navigation Component
The .sidenav component extends the default Bootstrap nav component. A working example of the custom sidenav can be seen on the dashboard layout of the SB Admin Pro theme. The sidenav being used in the dashboard layout has a container with certain responsive behaviors, but the component itself can be used on a standalone basis.
Custom Sticky Nav Component
The sticky menu on the side of this page is a demo of the custom sticky nav component.

The .nav-sticky component utilizes the Bootstrap scrollspy functionality along with custom styling to create a sticky navigation component that you can use on inner pages within your application. The right side menu of the style reference pages are all examples of the sticky nav being used. You can set the offset and the scroll behavior of this menu within the ../assets/js/scripts.js file.

The code example above requires the JS to be used, which is included by default in the scripts.js file. The above example also uses a .container-xl.px-4-fluid which may not be necessary if your page layout already includes a container.

Bootstrap Documentation Available

Navs are a default component included with the Bootstrap framework. For more information on implementing, modifying, and extending the usage of Bootstrap nav components within your project, visit the official Bootstrap navs documentation page.

Visit Bootstrap Navs Docs