Default Bootstrap Dropdown
The default Bootstrap dropdown has been extended and modified within the SB Admin Pro theme. Click on the dropdown button above to see a demo.
Menu Item Icons
Use the .dropdown-item-icon wrapper around any icon within any .dropdown-item to see a pre-styled icon to accompany the dropdown item content.
Animated Dropdown Menu
The .animated--fade-in and .animted--fade-in-up utility classes can be used in order to add animations to any dropdown menu.
Custom Notification Dropdown

The notifications dropdown is a custom component built into SB Admin Pro. You can see two examples of the component in action on the topnav when you click on the alerts and message center icons.

A max height is set to the dropdown itself, which enables a custom scrollbar if the content within the dropdown exceeds a certain height.

This component is well suited for dropdowns that contain large amounts of content that you wish to display in a flush format. The icons are replacable with images, or you can remove them.

Bootstrap Documentation Available

Dropdowns are a default component included with the Bootstrap framework. For more information on implementing, modifying, and extending the usage of dropdowns within your project, visit the official Bootstrap dropdowns documentation page.

Visit Bootstrap Dropdowns Docs